Michael Savastano

November 19th 1990 - October 27th 2012

"Sober? What is that? Nothing for me as I empty my foil into a burnt up spoon, anticipating my next move. I tell myself things are going to be ok and in seconds my mind is clear. I remember saying that a lot, I wish I could disappear, leave this place and just exist. Heroin does that for me. I don't need to do anything. Free from everything, I can now purely exist in my own reality. How did I get here though? Shit, thats something I can't answer. Maybe it was my parents divorce, how my dad up and left. 3 days no note, no call, only to return to say he was leaving again. I would see him every week for an hour, maybe less and today that procedure stands. I was 13 years old, right around the time I started smoking weed, he left, how Ironic? You see, I had a good childhood. An only child I was quite loved and you could say sometimes spoiled. I was never beaten, abused, neglected or put down. My parents always wanted the best for me. I was once a tiger scout, cub scout and even a boy scout, my dad participated in all three. I was also always very smart, creative, outgoing and had a good sense of humor. What a nice boy I was, sure to make any parent proud..."  - Michael Savastano

Michael was a talented artist.  LTM used some of his original drawings on products we sell in our on-line store. Proceeds from the sales are used to  support and expand the student awareness program in our community. We believe awareness is the key prevention.