Our Supporters

We at LTM Foundation are incredibly grateful for the companies who support us monthly. Their financial contributions help make it possible for us to continue our mission to those in need. We would like to thank the following organizations:

The Gift of Adoption Fund

The Gift of Adoption Fund, Inc. (GoAF) is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to people who wish to adopt children from foster care. GoAF accomplishes its mission by providing grants and educational resources to families interested in adopting, as well as public education about the benefits of adopting.

GoAF's vision for the future is to see every child find a loving home and permanent family. They believe that every child deserves a chance at life with their own family and that every child should have access to the resources they need to make this happen.

Zakat Foundation of America

Zakat Foundation of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to provide aid and education to those in need. They work with local organizations and governments to help the poor, needy, homeless, and vulnerable populations. They believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best lives and achieve their goals.

They aim to ensure everyone has access to food, water, shelter, clothing, and education. They also believe that everyone should have access to healthcare services when they need them most.

Heartland Institute

The Heartland Institute is a nonprofit think tank devoted to promoting and defending free markets and limited government. They believe that individuals, not governments, are best equipped to decide what they want to buy, where they want to live, how they want to spend their money, and how they choose to raise their families.

They've been committed to those principles since their founding in 1984. They're proud of the work they've done over the years—and even prouder that it's made such a big difference in the lives of so many people around the globe.

Woman Made Gallery

Woman Made Gallery is a community of women, by women, and for women. They're a network of professionals who want to make the world a better place and thrive in their careers simultaneously.

They all know how hard it can be to balance work and family life, but they also know that there are tons of ways we can support each other and make that easier. That's why they've created an online gallery community where you can find articles about career planning in art, setting boundaries with your kids, getting more sleep at night—all kinds of topics that will help you take control of your life so you can find the balance between work and home.