A Letter from Louie’s Mom

Louie Theodore Miceli

Louie Theodore Miceli
January 5, 1988 - August 7, 2012

The LTM foundation honors Louie’s life. It represents the love and protection he has for his friends and family.

Louie Theodore Miceli (LTM) was born on January 5, 1988. He was such a beautiful baby and young little man. He always seemed beyond his years—very curious, intuitive, and stubborn. My son was also incredibly family-centered and truly valued those relationships.

He was overly passionate about many things; sports, community, justice, and GIRLS. Louie always felt the need to protect the ones he loved. He would take on any threat, forgetting his own personal capacity to defend the people he cared about. I was sometimes afraid of his boldness, but I was so proud of my son, The Protector.

As he grew older, Louie loved his high school years. He seemed to be typical when it came to socializing with his State Championship football team. He drank at parties, smoked marijuana on the weekends, and he was always looking to have fun. I was concerned, but not alarmed. After all, he was surrounded by good people who loved him and who he loved.

As Louie’s drug use progressed, he soon started using opiate pills and then resorted to Heroin. What seemed to be “normal partying” turned into a full-blown addiction- quickly. It turned my outgoing, strong-willed, happy boy into the opposite. On August 7, 2012, at the age of 24, my son overdosed on Heroin. My life was destroyed, shattered, and forever changed.

Louie did go to rehab twice, and I was so proud of him for that. The last rehab provides me with peace about his passing, the only peace I have: my son loved Jesus Christ. I know he is with the only One that loves him more than I do.

As a mother, I cannot watch another family suffer this tragedy. I know Louie would want his family to do something about this crisis that is destroying so many lives. Louie is one of many whom have lost their battle with Heroin; his story needs to be heard. And, with your support, we will shine a light on Heroin and prevent others from falling victim.

Thank you so much for supporting and believing in LTM. Please consider making a donation so we can continue our efforts to increase awareness and advocate prevention.  Through your generosity we can  bring the demand for Heroin to Zero in our community.